Height 23 cm
Weight 1 kg
Diameter 22 cm
Total cable length 300 cm


Finish White
Materials Lacquered metal, 3 meter fabric cord.


Canopy included yes
Light bulb cap type E27
Light bulbs included no
Max wattage 60 W
Suitable for contract use No
Suitable for outdoor use No
Year of design 1947


3D model (.zip)

To Jørn Utzon, his father’s naval engineering drawings became a lifelong fascination with ships and boats, along with light.

More than a decade before Jørn Utzon created his masterpiece, the Sydney Opera House, he put his child- hood fascination into this pendant, combining successfully the smoothness of the lines of a ship with the source of light for the first time. & The choice of white or polished chrome finish reminds one of the waves and the northern light.

Jørn Utzon

Renowned for designing the Sydney Opera House in the 1950’s, it exemplifies Utzon’s organic concept of architecture and expressive sculptural style. Seen in 60-metre-high semi-curves opening out towards the harbour like billowing sails. In a striking building where the façade appears different from any given angle. Claiming it was inspired by peeling an orange, if you were to assemble the semi-curves together, they would form a perfect sphere.
Utzon’s fascination with architectural legends from the Mayan, Moroccan and Asian cultures led to what he termed “Additive Architecture”. Defining his ap- proach to design that’s inspired by growth patterns in nature.
The Utzon Lamp was actually designed over a decade before Utzon created the Opera House. Inspired by his father’s naval engineering drawings of ships, the lamp has curves symbolic of the ocean waves with the bulb much like the moon to navigate ships. It’s a stunning lamp from the past still relevant in the future. A proud addition to our portfolio of products at &tradition, where we honour the work of old masters who were way ahead of their time.

Craft meets art. Function meets form. Material meets potential.