Urban by RiZZ

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This trouble shooter fits anywhere. It’s there for you wherever you need it. Why to buy? • Removes sand and dirt from profiled soles • Very effective, up to 80% efficiency • Minimal maintenance • Easy to clean • Outdoor use • Aluminium frame, powder coated • PVC extruded inner frame • Stainless steel 304 strip • UV resistant Nylon 6.6 / 0.40 (grey) brush • Anti-slip Silver 58 cm x 36 cm Art. No. 24.00.907 87 cm x 44 cm Art. No. 24.01.007 Anthracite 58 cm x 36 cm Art. No. 24.00.901 87 cm x 44 cm Art. No. 24.01.001 White 58 cm x 36 cm Art. No. 24.00.902 87 cm x 44 cm Art. No. 24.01.002

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