Length 16.6 cm
Height 1.9 cm
Weight 0.32 kg
Net weight 0.28 kg


Finish Light Grey
Material Brass 100%, Iron 100%, Stainless steel 100%


Strong visual effects are created when the mix of materials, colours and shapes come together in perfect harmony.

The Unity trays seem to have found that harmony perfectly. The graphic lines and look have become iconic to AYTM. Unity trays add a playful touch to the home décor with its endless possibilities and different colours which suit individual styles and looks to a tee. Mix it up with the Unity wooden trays from AYTM for a even more playful look or by itself for your favorite jewelry or delicious sweets.

AYTM designs luxury home interior and small furniture in timeless designs. AYTM approaches the concept of Nordic design in a sophisticated and elegant manner with focus on high quality and exquisite details. In spite of their simple idiom, the products are eye-catching and impactful.