Uniko Piramid Sound Absorbing System Set of 12

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The sound absorption system of the Uniko line, designed by Eurolinea for Gaber, is proposed as a solution to the growing demand for acoustics improvement, brought to the fore by the transformation of the open spaces.

Careful acoustic design of the rooms improves productivity, promotes a feeling of well-being and helps recovery from everyday stress. The exposure to noise, in fact, causes psychological disturbance and hinders the performance of normal daily activities, reducing the ability to concentrate.
It is a modular panel system that combines high sound absorption with modern and elegant aesthetics, in harmony with the new trends in architecture and interior design.


The result of years of experience in the design of plastic products, Eurolinea develops its activity by designing items ranging from furnishing accessories such as chairs, tables, stools to the creation of household items and packaging, as multipurpose containers, and other accessories .
The great knowledge in the field of engineering and industrialization of articles and details makes Eurolinea a pole of cutting-edge technologies and always functional and innovative solutions.