The Ubik system The Ubik system offers an evolved storage organization, with a series of units and accessories dedicated to specific functions: trays, drawers with wooden or glass front, pull-out shoe racks, trousers hangers, shirts hangers. A walk-in closet in which functionality and personal style coincide. A walk-in closet as an architectural solution for every room. Ubik is a system that interprets a storage project according to the maximum individuality thanks to modular solutions and aesthetical definition. A proposal of the highest quality able to give shape to the most different lifestyles. Finishing: The wall panels and equipments of the Ubik system are available in 4 different melamine finishes: oak , wenge, walnut c. and white pine; washable, easy to maintain, humidity and scratches resistant : a finishing thought to guarantee strength and complete reliability over time. The wall panels are also available in glossy glass 9 colours and in white and fumè mirror.

A new way of living and experiencing contemporary spaces.