connected load: 220-240V; 50/60Hz fitted with: 2 x TC-L 55 W work equipment: electronic ballast dimable digital mains lead: approx. 3.0 m; shock-proof plug luminaire body: material: aluminium / plastic surface: painted tubular section: material: steel tube surface: painted form: tubular section upright weight (net): approx. 17,2 kg power consumption: approx. 114 W usage: switch luminaire efficiency: without cover 68 % light distribution: mainly indirect colour luminaire body: silver metallic special features: luminaire head can be turned in an angle of ±90°, reflector detachable

Complete range of luminaires for lighting applications with free standing, desk mounted and wall mounted luminaires. Special reflectors and a coin prismatic structure (CPS) developed with the ray-tracing method Absolutely glare-free (in accordance with national and international regulations on health and safety at work) light with a unique ergonomic comfort. Integral lighting culture with high energy-saving potential. Highly convenient maintenance. The luminaire can be cleaned easily and without the need for tools. Luminaire can be integrated ideally in a wide variety of workplace configurations thanks to various luminaire head mounting types. Available also with the integrated light management system PULSE.

Waldmann – Engineer of Light.