TY Coffee Table by Hookl und Stool
Hookl und Stool

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Width 48cm, Length 80cm, Height 40cm

Wood, glass and metal combined coffee table. Complete duality of its character is what makes this coffee table unusual. It is shown through clearly divided top, also through its legs. The top combined of the 10mm tempered glass on the one half and the solid wood edging on the other, makes the side views filled with the lightness on one side and filled with the thickness on the other. Opposed to that, glass half which is light and reduced has very dynamically positioned legs, with distinctively positioned console which holds the glass. For its gentle character, warmer sorts of the wood as cherry, plum or pear perfectly fits to this table. Width 48cm, Length 80cm, Height 40cm

HOOKL und STOOL is a new manufacturer and editor of contemporary design furniture and objects.