Twist | 1640 by Draenert

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Draenert Twist | 1640 Draenert Twist | 1640 Draenert Twist | 1640

The excellent characteristics of the model “Twist” are its absolute novelty in the field of tables, as well as its bewitching charm of adding possibility. Three free conical shapes, mouth-blown, are arranged in such a way that they form an equilateral triangle in their overall shape. A lightly curved table plate connects the parts. The glass material mystifies the cones and gives them the appearance of icicles. The Twist is a wonderful poetic glass composition, which, when looking at it, carries ones thoughts far away to the Venician, to the famous islands of the glass blowers. This couch and lounge table with its adaptable shape is excellently suitable for forming groups. In this way the Twist, the unexpected turn, becomes clear by the curves of the outer contours and in the intermediate spaces. Material: Glass Dimensions: 90 x 82,5 x 42 cm Variants: - Clear glass (transparent) - metallic optic - Coloured

DRAENERT is a top-brand of the international furniture design for forty five years.