Barovier&Toso Twins Barovier&Toso Twins Barovier&Toso Twins Barovier&Toso Twins

On the heels of the successes of the recent past, a horizontal chandelier with a vigorous yet refined appearance. The arms’ crystal, which is very material, is transparent, while the halogen light bulbs are enclosed in opaque white cups which diffuse and soften the light. The framework is chromed so as to render the whole even more sophisticated. Along with three chandeliers of various shapes and dimensions, (4-light squared, 8 or 12- light rectangular), also part of the family are a two-light wall lamp and a desk lamp – with traditional light bulb – whose central body recaptures the workmanship of the chandelier, thus enhancing it. Available colours: white/crystal, crystal; Shades: white, black

The history of Barovier - a small company, a family, a great story since 1295 Everything took place on an island, an exotic, wondrous place like every island: Murano.