Oberfläche nasslackiert weiss - RAL9010, matt.

The LED spotlight Tuto also does its job affordably and without harming the environment –but with a broad radiation angle of 120°, thus bathing selected objects in an extensive pool of light. Tuto, too, is the ideal energy-saver and lights up furniture with a cosy, adjustable light without using a lot of electricity: Tuto only needs 10 watts to achieve the same lighting current as a 60W light bulb. This beam is also available with a highly glossy and chromed surface, wet-coated in white or powder-coated in black.

Unsere Mission 2020 Wir fördern Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden durch ökologisches und ergonomisches Licht in der feinen Wohnwelt.Unsere Vision 2020 Wir stehen für hochwertige, innovative Lichtlösungen in der feinen Wohnwelt.