Width 12 cm
Depth 12 cm
Height 5 cm
Weight 0.10 kg


Colour Grey
Material Porcelain
Secondary colour White


Assembly required none


Beautiful bowls in pastel colours, part of Enrico Zanolla's Turnì collection.

Turnì collection is manufactured using a handmade process on a lathe. The colour is placed using a pasting brush while the bowl or plate is rotating on the lathe, resulting in a unique effect for any piece that is made. The product is then glazed with a matte finish. All are handmade in Italy.

The set includes 2 bowls

Zanolla believes in the strong connection between design and manual craftsmanship. Our work starts from the idea of combining masterly skills with modern design resulting in the vibrant essence of our products. The relationship with local workshops is fundamental to carry on the traditional values and skills highlighting the passion of professionals whose heritage is visible and results in the great attention to details of our products.