In the end it’s the LEDs that give us “Turn me!”: a sheet of metal simply folds itself to host light. Its minimal style means it can adapt to many different situations and the invention which gave it its name, that is to say the possibility to rotate, will let “Turn me!” take on multiple mutating positions on the wall, with just a simple touch. Light pointing up, light pointing down, to the left or right: when it stands alone “Turn me” is like a poetically functional object; when a series is repeated it takes on the value of an art installation. Wall light fixture in matt white painted metal with LED light source. It can be easily rotated by hand to point the light in the desired direction. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Material: metal Colours: glossy white Sizes: 26W x 30H x 7,5D Bulbs: LED 12W Lumen 1300 - 3000K

Profile Founded in 2005, Karboxx has quickly made a name for itself in the field of design lighting products.