Tundra semirecessed ceiling is available in three sizes and different wattages and is suitable also for environments with low ceiling height. 13W FSM-E (TC-TEL) GX24q-1 26/32W FSM-E (TC-TEL) GZ24q-3 26W / 32W FSM-E (TC-TEL) DSI GX24q-3 42W FSM-E (TC-TEL) DSI GX24q-4 40W Halopin G9 40W E14 75W E27 Ø=125/175/200 H=145/198/227 under ceiling

Tundra is a lighting family created with advanced lighting technology and mouth blown glass. A luminaire with scaled design in three different sizes with an efficient reflector that produces glare free bright and appropriate light.

Ateljé Lyktan is a tradition-rich lighting company that develops, manufactures and markets luminaries for both interiors and exteriors, with Swedish design for public areas and demanding customers.