Width 15.5 cm
Depth 7.1 cm
Height 23.9 cm
Weight 1 kg


Finish Stoneware Dark Green
Material Stoneware with glaze


Suitable for outdoor use No
Year of design 2019

Made in stoneware with glaze, the Tub Jug is an industrial take on the carafe.

The design has a contemporary expression through its angled handle and wide opening, bringing both function and character to the design.

Atelier BL119

Atelier BL119 is a design studio, based in Saint-Étienne, France. Founded in 2007 by duo Grégory Blain and Hervé Dixneuf, the studio works within industrial as well as spatial design.

On Their Design Philosophy
"Our work is influenced by many different elements but always seeks to strike the harmony between form and function. Foregoing the superfluous, we aim to find solutions within details that allow us to define the right form, informed by simplicity. Approaching our work in a pragmatic way allows to create singular objects that are at once useful and aesthetically surprising."

On Scandinavian Design
"It is the heritage of a real tradition and design culture that seeks to provide simple and functional objects to as many people as possible. It’s about quality while reflecting and attention-to-detail, being at once minimalist and humble with great respect for each single material."

In fact, our name Muuto, inspired by the Finnish word muutos, means new perspective.