Treehouse Bed by De Breuyn
De Breuyn

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 It is a tree house style play bed, crafted specially for children of 2 years. Material: Solid beech wood, natural oiled or or stained in 16 different colours. Dimensions:: 99,2 x 213,5cm, , H= 57,5/183,5/220cm Platform 102x120cm

A play bed with a climbing tower designed for children of 2 years and above. Little kids want to climb up and see the world from above like the grownups! They play around happily in small cottages, hide in cottages or sit comfortably with their favourite book in the tree-house. We have designed this adventure bed particularly for these imaginative kids and have named it “Bruno’s Tree House”. The lower deck is the sleeping area and the upper deck is the games zone.   The stable platform under the wildly romantic bamboo roof has ample room for plenty of game ideas. It is the idyllic site for picnic with Bruno, a great place to listen to music near the pillows and also doubles as a construction site complete with cranes etc.

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