200 x 250 cm

Zollanvari introduced these weavings to the market for the first time in collaboration with Baluch nomads from eastern Iran.  They combine kilim, soumak and pile weaving techniques to create a multi-textured surface.  Our Baluch Soumaks are now being woven southeast of Shiraz, home to Afshar nomads who were originally from Turkey. Zollanvari Baluch Soumak’s have a jewel-like surface that gives the rugs depth and a three- dimensional appearance.  Woven in wool, we have added silk to highlight the design motifs.  The colour palette we have recently developed uses lighter shades such as creams and pale greens to give these rugs a modern tribal look.

Mission Statement Zollanvari carpets embody the spirit of Persian carpet design and weaving – an extraordinary art form that has been treasured across the world for more than 2,000 years.