TPK (Típica) is a pendant inspired in the icons of the XX century. Its silhouette reminds of the 50’s lamps, simple and functional, always present in kitchens, offices and dining rooms. Nevertheless the proportions and details make of TPK an actual and flexible piece, ideal for contemporary architectural atmospheres. It is manunfactured of two steel pieces, and this allows different combinations of tones. The principal intention of TPK is to be an icon, a symbol, to interpret the Classics. Lámpara/Bulb: 1 x E27 Dulux Star Globe 20W Save Energy (100W) INCLUDED Ø 52 cm / Ø 201⁄2” H 41 cm / 16 1/8”

Almerich reinvents itself merging it's best tradition with the most actual contemporaneity, searching for sophistication based on craftsmanship, innovation and culture of design.