A micro architecture in the living room, a cozy space in which to isolate to relax, listen to music, read... A low and wide stool on which comes to position itself with a high backrest made of metal. On the backrest frame we can adapt different types of textiles according to the season: warm and fluffy for the winter, woven elastic textiles as grid for the summer... Swivel base in order to be able to orientate towards one end of the room, or into the wall or a close window, and to isolate ourselves and create an own space. Materials – Swivel metallic frame with steel bearing. Lacquered with epoxi paint and oven dried. – Base in HR 40kg/m3 foam plus 3cm super soft layer. – Padded backrest with laminated 25 kg/m3 foam. Backrest cushion in down touch microfiber (Microgel).

Born through the desire of combining design and innovation, Beltá & Frajumar has quickly become an active player for the vanguard furniture field in national and international markets.