Height 19.5 cm
Weight 0.75 kg
Diameter 15 cm
Net weight 0.33 kg


Finish Black and Amber
Material Glass 100%


Torus vase by the Danish brand AYTM is characterized by a fine balance of different geometrical shapes.

The glass vase consists of a funnel-shaped, brightly coloured upper part supported by a black-tinted base. The narrow part of the funnel supports the plant stems while the wide top creates a beautiful frame for lush bouquets as well as decorative branches. With its airy, layered structure, Torus is a masterful piece of glass design also when empty.

AYTM designs luxury home interior and small furniture in timeless designs. AYTM approaches the concept of Nordic design in a sophisticated and elegant manner with focus on high quality and exquisite details. In spite of their simple idiom, the products are eye-catching and impactful.