The meaning of the Torsio chair design technique is in erasing the esthetical boundary between sculpture made of wood and the industrial product. Form is treated as the most important aspect, the material is supplemented, the form is still the one who "remains", which is expressive, unique and yet a product of industrial aesthetics. The favoured natural material has been machined by revolutionary industrial CNC technology. Constructive system respect the logic of minimalism, and it has been reduced to basic tectonic principle of the plate-seat and the legs with a backrest, is merged with fluid lines creating a unity of form with no superfluous constructive elements. Tactility,material that evokes emotion, fluid form and construction reduced to minimum are the central themes of Torsio chair design. Seat size: 38,7 x 46 cm Seat and back thickness: 3 cm Legs diameter: 4 cm Seat height: 47 cm Dismantling option: No Packaging: stretch wrap + five-layer cardboard box Packaging: 3 piece/package wooden seat (49 x 52 x 77,1 cm) upholstery leather (49 x 52 x 77,1 cm) upholstery fabric (49 x 52 x 77,1 cm)

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