TORO by mox

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Like a bull in the arena pulls TORO his horns into the air. Those are, of course rounded harmlessly. Main purpose certainly is hanging clothes over the rotatable crossbar. Like this the bull becomes an easy to handle coat rack. To round up the item, a black double hook is well positioned to hang bags or other things and a heavy cross-foot gives secure stand and character to TORO. The finish of the practical and stylish coat rack is in shiny chrome with shiny chrome base, shiny chrome with red base or shiny chrome with black base. This new MOX item convinces as usual with pleasantly simple and well thought-out solutions. TORO well fits to the wall-mounted wardrobe LINK and the hook PORT both out of the current MOX collection.

MOX was born from an idea which came to us one peaceful afternoon down at the lake-side in Zürich.