Torii | Fabric by Karimoku New Standard
Karimoku New Standard

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Dimentions (w x d x h): 585 x 460 x 670 mm Seat height: 430 mm C3445AZN Colour: Clear / Macciato Black Material: Itaya Maple / Fabric:Wool 50% + Acrylic 50% Finishing: Clear Coating

TORII | CHAIR Archetype of Japanese Aesthetics TORII is inspired by its namesake of a gate leading towards a Japanese shinto shrine, an archetypical element in the Japanese landscape. The chair captures the quality of the gate's slightly curved top beam using a minimum number of parts. The straight legs convey the presence and strength of a torii. The result is a piece of furniture that possesses a dignified and atmospheric presence. Comfort and Strength with Attention to Minute Details Elegant and graceful in design, the chair offers considerable sitting comfort. A polyester mesh installed inside the seat serves as a spring that supports the cushion on top. The backrest consists of four wooden parts furnished with a dark brown inlay. The inlay strengthens the connection between the wooden parts and at the same time gives the backrest a visual accent. TORII-S | STOOL Powerful Joints This stool uses the visual image of a torii, a shinto shrine gate. The legs puncture and penetrate the seat, resulting in a furniture item with a strong impression. Elaborate precision is found in the joint between the legs and the seat, which is inspired by the Japanese joinery method shikuchi .

KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD BRAND PROFILE A new standard in Japanese furniture making We are Karimoku, manufacturers of wood furniture from Central Japan, with a history of more than 70 years.