With its tactile, PVC dipped polymer the Torch Light reveals its references to the shape and material of the typical torch, while the diamond-textured difuser cleverly references the glass of a car headlight.

Cable length
12x S1 cone Ø150, 7x S2 round Ø150, 1x S3 cone Ø300, approx Ø600mm
Light bulb cap type
Light bulb type
Light emision
Light fitting
220⁄ 240V, PVC cable
PVC Dipped Polymer Shade and Ceiling Fxing, Clear Diamond Textured Polycarbonate Difuser
Max wattage
20x max 6W
Package depth
Package height
Package volume
Package weight
Package width
Shade and cable colour
Black Shade with Black Cable

It’s easy to create a fun, vibrant look by combining different colours and sizes within the same space or to state your style by choosing the Torch Light bunch, an ultra-modern feature chandelier. Heroic in black or red, quiet and calm in cocoa grey and signal grey, bespoke drop heights provide architecturally bold pieces for double or triple height ceiling spaces.

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Sylvain Willenz

Sylvain Willenz is one of Belgium’s leading young designers. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2003 and having lived in the UK for seven years, Willenz established his own studio in Brussels in 2004. Willenz’s first collections of work saw him experimenting with natural rubber, since that time he has explored the qualities of many new materials and new techniques. Similarly, Willenz’s work is often inspired by archetypal objects and the simplicity and familiarity with which they are associated. Willenz will seek to interpret these forms and qualities in new designs. In 2009, the Torch light series were nominated Best in Lighting and Overall Best Product of the Year at the UK Grand Designs Awards. In 2009, Willenz was nominated Belgian Designer of the Year.

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