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Soundabsorbing & 100% recycled The sound absorbing armchair TONO is one of the first chairs on the market which is made of environmental friendly materials. Its shell is made of felt from 100% recycled PET bottles.Timeless and beautiful shape With its characteristic seat shell and comfortable armrests, the Danish Design Company Hans Thyge & Co, has managed to design a functional chair with a both timeless and beautiful shape. The seat shell is flexible and designed for high comfort. This has been achieved by further developing the unique double curved back of the well-known SALA chair, also made by Hans Thyge & Co. 3 different frame types The transformation from design to actual chair has taken more than a year and the shell has gone through many alterations and improvements in order to transform it into the molded felt shape it has today. During this period of time, 3 different types of frames have been developed which gives the chair three completely different looks and makes it a very versatile chair suited for many different purposes and environments. Two frame types are presently available – a 4-legged steel tube frame and a 4-legged wooden frame in solid wood.

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