Tonka Chair by Label

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Jasper van den Berg devised a new cover to adorn the frame designed by his father for the Mali chair. The result is the Tonka chair! The Tonka chair is exceedingly versatile, whether you opt for leather, fabric or a combination of these materials. Play with the countless variations that are possible. Jasper van den Berg on the Tonka: “I believe that design is about the excellent combination of form, material and comfort. At Tonka extra attention is paid to the use of materials. Just like in the fashion world, a combination of fabric and leather is increasingly prominent in seating, introducing a greater element of tension. Contrasts render the form exciting. Hard and soft, rough and smooth, but applied in a well-balanced way.” Dimensions (in mm) Width: 590 Depth: 550 Height: 860 Seat depth: 415 Height armrest: 675 Seat height: 490

Label is a Dutch, family owned, design furniture manufacturer.