Bonaldo To Be Bonaldo To Be Bonaldo To Be

To Be drawer chest, bedside table and highboy To Be is a collection of bedroom furniture which is the perfect partner for the Amlet bed, with which it shares the style of the metal base: a perfect example of how a few well-drawn lines and a well-gauged game of inclinations create an harmoniously shaped and original whole. The frame is made of wood, and it is available in the following versions: lacquered white, anthracite grey, red and dove-grey. The handles are made of heat-treated oak or natural ash-wood. The base is in painted metal and it is available in several colours, making it possible to create an object which best suits the style of your bedroom: the classic white, anthracite grey or dove-grey, or the newer saffron yellow, red or mint green. Dimensions: Drawer chest: 130 x 58 x H. 83 cm Bedside table: 55 x 51 x H. 37 cm Highboy: 55 x 51 x H. 130 cm

BONALDO. Eighty years of history and passion for design.