Model of large size and extreme comfort thanks to the combination of polyurethane foams used. Simple shapes that hide a complex frame. Modular sofa with several combinations with a simple and sophisticated design. The measurements in height are with the wooden leg p-42. Sofa or module bigger than 200cm with arms prepared to disassemble at destination. The detail of the cross stitching allows combining colours and highlight its shape. MATERIALES 1. Estructura de madera maciza, recubierta de espuma HR 40 kg/ m3. Suspensión realizada con cincha elástica Nea garantía de calidad 10 años. 2. Asiento de espuma HRD 40 - 42 kg/m3, más 3cm de suplemento súper suave. 3. Respaldo de espuma HR 30 kg/m3. Recubierta de fibra termosellada H250gr. 4. Patas cromadas (p-10), o de madera maciza de haya (p-25; p42).

Born through the desire of combining design and innovation, Beltá & Frajumar has quickly become an active player for the vanguard furniture field in national and international markets.