Tilt Globe Brass Wall by Nyta

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Lamp shade: Brass, outside polished, inside brushed Mounting: Metal w/ matt black nish Cord (optional): cloth-covered, black Length: 3 meters (ca. 10 ft.) Base: E 14 Light source: max.46 Watts – LED, Halogen, light bulb, fluorescent lamp Tilt angle: max. 125 degrees Swivel: 360 degrees Height: 248 millimeters Depth: 288 millimeters Weight: 800 grams (ca. 32 ounces) Energy classes: This luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classes A++ to E

The Nyta brand was founded by three lighting designers who share a genuine passion for their craft: Fabian Maier, architect and lighting planer, Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller, originally hailing from product design.