Clearly inspired by modern lighting of the 70s, we wanted to make a new version of a chandelier but implementing LED lighting, creating a luminaire with vintage reminiscences but providing a very modern look. A spectacular luminaire yet serene, classic and contemporary. Composed of 12, 18 or 30 iron arms in different heights, the arms themselves are forming the body of the luminaire as mounted next to each other forming its perimeter. At the end of each arm housing two LEDs (one for direct lighting and another for indirect lighting) Cree 3 W 3000 K or 4000 K, illuminating a methacrylate sandblasted bar that dissipates the light giving an unmistakable personality to the piece. Designed for large spaces (halls of hotels, restaurants ...) is finished in mat nickel f, mat gold, painted mat white, gray or beige. By customer request can be finished in any other finish and also expand the number of arms, creating a much more spectacular luminaire.

Is a company specialized in creating and designing modern home lighting.