The Wise One White floor lamp by mammalampa

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MATERIAL: wood (ash), white/ green painted steel HEIGHT: 185cm SHADE: 37cmH x 40cmØ COLOUR: ash wood - inner lining white / spring green ELECTRICAL CABLE: white 200cm, in line switch BULB: 240V E27 max.150W WEIGHT: ~9,5 Kg LIGHT DESCENT TYPE: direct, diffused

“The Wise One” lamp is made from wood with the power of the moment when her wood was felled. The lampshade is entirely handmade; each wooden log has been selected for its individuality, thus preserving the individual character of each tree. No two Wise Ones on earth are the same! In “the Wise One”, the forces of nature are contrasted with the perfect refinement of the same material and highlights the skill of its craftsmen in transcending classical views of the traditional use of wood. Light, shining through the thin ash wood, creates a gamma of the colours of sunrise. She will organically blend into a rural environment, as well as providing the essence of nature within city apartments. The Wise One’s collection consists of a ceiling lamp and floor lamp.

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