The Split by RiZZ

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“Imagine a living branch of a liana growing through a crack in the wall. My inspiration for this design comes from nature itself. It is incredible to see that nature takes over any structure deserted by mankind. It motivates me to push the limits when it comes to green design.” Teun Fleskens, designer. Why to buy? - Add leaves to increase the number of articles you can store - Signature piece for the entrance Capacity: 9x ‘Leaf’, 2 hangers Stainless Steel Art. No. 24.01.500 Anthracite Art. No. 24.01.501 White Art. No. 24.01.502

THE STORY THE ENTRANCE MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE RiZZ is all about products that define the entrance, the central space that accommodates many daily functions and where you make your first impression.