The Shadows by Lande

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Now you see me. Open and hanging from the ceiling, it creates the illusion of a large, floating lampshade. The light, slightly transparent material makes it an elegant object that draws attention. This is where it happens. This is the place and time for reflection and innovation. For inspiration, plans and action. Space for your own place. For more focus, just lower the rings and you can easily make a special place for yourself with its own atmosphere. A stand-alone workplace in which you can work and brainstorm in seclusion, like a sort of cocoon. Sounds and shadows keep you in touch with your surroundings, while temporary visual screening strengthens interconnection. Use the dimmable lighting to create the atmosphere you want: action, inspiration, sociability, openness, focus. The Shadows has optional built-in speakers and can be printed according to your wishes.

There is an increasing demand for a different way of working and living.