kymo The Mashup Pure Edition OneZero bassdrum kymo The Mashup Pure Edition OneZero hihat

OneZero. A one, then a zero – like a binary number, using the smallest possible building blocks of a digital world. This or that. An abstract instrument, a reflection of the progressively, increasingly digital life we now live – an inspiration for the latest sensation from kymo: THE MASHUP Pure Edition OneZero. A new pattern, consummately captured in the cool and captivating world of digital design – a substitute for the traditional look of the Pure Edition. So as before, a perfect match with the philosophy behind THE MASHUP – a deconstruction of the familiar, to transform it into a contemporary context. With only an acknowledgement of its style moving from the past into the here and now. THE MASHUP Pure Edition OneZero is available in 5 standard sizes , 1 standard colour and 1 standard design. It is possible to produce custom colours. Custom sizes, custom shapes and other designs from the OneZero Series on request. Range of application: Indoor, residential, hospitality, offices, lounges, retail design Manufacturing technique: hand knotted Backing: without additional backing Height: 8 mm Total weight: ~ 3100g/sqm Stress class: medium high Floor heating: qualified Electrostatic behaviour: antistatic Ability to restore: suited under tables and chairs; we recommend furniture glides

KYMO from Germany, makes contemporary floorwear. Our approach to floor textiles is best summed up by our brand philosophy: 'GO ON.