Table lamp with metallic structure and cotton shade. Top satin glass and perforated white diffuser on the bottom. Cord dimmer. H 810 x Ø 550 mm Inc. 3 x 100 W*

Testa is outstanding for its aesthetic qualities and surprises us with its majestic head and slender, sculptural body. Proof of this is its original three-legged structure and its large shade made of cotton, a material that gives a warm appearance and gives out a pleasant light. In effect, the structure comprises three legs joined at the base by a triangular piece. The most eye-catching feature is that they narrow as they travel upwards, opening up again just when they are about to reach the shade. This detail gives the lamp a dynamic, light appearance, providing balance and ensuring it takes pride of place in the room. Testa is available as a standard lamp or a table lamp.

Estiluz and the green planet. Over forty years have gone by.