Tectonic by Bonaldo

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The Tectonic coffee table has a steel wire or solid sheet metal table top; it is available in glossy painted steel in white, black, red, blue or purple, or in matt anthracite grey. It can be used stand-alone or in compositions, in the living room or in the bedroom. Frame: painted glossy white painted glossy black painted matt anthracite grey painted glossy red painted glossy blue painted glossy violet Height 35 cm/14" or 43 cm/17" Ø 51 cm / 20 "

With Tectonic Tables creation is not just the production of the object itself, but its continual, endless evolution. The Tectonic Tables series is based on the idea of movement – the movement of shapes in a single object, but also the movement that is born out of the possibility to create unexpected geometry by creatively combining several tables. In other words, the concept is born from a desire to produce an object with non-static forms and to give the user the possibility to tell his own story and become a designer himself, by experimenting with any number of tables. Tectonic Tables are entirely made in a light steel structure varnished black or white. If you look at the table from above, you can clearly see the table top has a rose design. This is how a simple, stylised object appeals both to our rational and geometric side and to our more romantic side. Tectonic Tables are also available with a varnished steel sheet table top. The two versions also allow you to experiment with the idea of full and empty spaces and offer increased possibilities of combinations.

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