Tavo Fix 6750/61 by Casala

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Semicircular H 74 cm 6750/61 160 x 80 x 80 cm

Tavo is a sturdy and at the same time elegant table. Not only the slim steel renders Tavo its light image, the cross ties hidden under the narrowly shaped tabletop also make a contribution. Tavo Fix is available in various widths and lengths, and with different types of tabletops. Its height of 74 cm makes Tavo Fix accessible to wheelchairs. The Fold model makes table family Tavo mobile. Its legs fold in. Its top has a good load-bearing capacity and is lightweight, enabling the table to be lifted by one person. No need to lift Tavo Nestable all the way in order to stack it, pulling it slightly up will suffice. This makes Tavo Nestable especially suitable for training and seminar rooms where different meetings take place on a regular basis, for occasions such as exams. Tavo Seminar is a single table with a panel on the front side. Just like the Nestable model, Tavo Seminar needs to be lifted no more than a few centimetres to be stacked. Tavo Seminar stands out well in training and seminar rooms where varying sessions are frequently held. Up to 15 Tavo Seminar tables can be stacked on a transportdolly. Tavo Swing is easily movable as well. Fold the top down and Tavo Swing is ready to be rolled off on its wheels. Its lightweight top is covered with HPL and, together with the storage method, this protects it against bumping and wear - the tabletop never touches the floor.

Casala is known for contract furniture, furniture to be deployed where design is to prove its functional worth: in congress halls and churches, at offices, universities, government agencies and in care centers.