Diameter Ø 2.5 cm
Gross weight 1.635 kg
Net weight 1 kg


Finish Bronze Grey
Material Aluminum, PC


Dimmable Yes
Lenght 135 cm
Light bulb type LED PCB
Power consumption 23.6 w
Voltage 230 v

The new task pendant by danish designer gry holmskov strikes a harmonious, breathtaking balance between function and aesthetics.

ts pure, linear form not only catches the eye but also serves a key purpose: to spread light in a way ideal for countless applications, giving rise to new, flexible ways of illuminating diverse spaces. The pendant’s light intensity and color temperature can be adjusted with an app, making it easier than ever to create the best illumination for the time of day, season, or desired ambience.

MENU is a Danish design brand with a simple yet significant purpose: to enrich modern living through designs that connect individuals creatively, comfortably and functionally.