The pure essence of a table. The focus on the essentials determines the form and function of tak. Three simple, intuitive steps are all you need to operate the revolutionary extension. The uncompromisingly slim shape perfectly conceals its extension and at the same time offers seating with maximum legroom. As if it were assembled from flat surfaces, it combines organic accents with a cubist design language, both as a non-extendable table and as an extended one. The strong but slender solid wood panel, just 16 mm thick, can be extended to up to 3 m in length. You can choose a base made of shiny chrome, matt chrome or matt bronze. Precision down to the smallest detail. The non-extendable tak table is made with the most up-to-date three-layer technology and is available in lengths of up to 3 m, despite the incredibly delicate material thickness of the table top. The table top has edges that are rounded downwards, which makes it appear even thinner and gives it a pleasantly soft feeling. The soft forms interlock with the triangle-shaped, downward-tapered legs. These combine with the frame to create a unit that offers space for the extension technology and allows for the slim table design. Well-conceived to the last detail, the sophisticated construction preserves the elegant appearance of the frame even when extended.