Height 6.9 cm
Diameter 13.8 cm


Finish Bianco Carrara
Material Marble from Italy


The Table Mortars distinct shape is inspired by archetypical millstones.

It is both, a closable container for spices and a mortar. Manufactured from a curated selection of eye-catching marbles, the Table mortar by Mark Braun stands for longevity and quality. With its sculptural appearance it does not need to be hidden in cupboards – it is an everyday product designed as a useful tool for your kitchen and a beautiful vessel or your dining table.

Mark Braun

A widely awarded designer, Mark Braun had worked as a carpenter before studying Industrial Design in Potsdam and Eindhoven. He established his own Berlin-based studio in 2006 and has been working for several internationally-acclaimed companies, as well as developing his own exclusive object editions. Apart from designing, Mark also works as a professor for Industrial Design at HBK Saar.

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