Modern table with drawers for each guest with or without slot to tighten a table runner, handmade in Belgium. 300 x 90 x H75 cm: four drawers on each side of the table Made out of aluminum with different finishing & colors: 300 x 90 x H75 without slot B0015002: aluminum waxed B0015002BE: beige lacquered B0015002BR: brown lacquered B0015002R: : red lacquered B0015002W: white lacquered B0015002Z: black lacquered 300 x 90 x H75 with slot B001500G2: aluminum waxed B0015002GBE: beige lacquered B0015002GBR: brown lacquered B0015002GR: : red lacquered B0015002GW: white lacquered B0015002GZ: black lacquered

Katrien Van Hulle has been promoting Belgian design since 1998 through the collections of Colect.