T-Workstation by Bene

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Bene T-Workstation Bene T-Workstation Bene T-Workstation Bene T-Workstation

The intelligence of a system is embodied by its features. T-Platform, a technically advanced table line featuring a high degree of functionality and variability that can easily adapt to individual customer needs. To meet structural requirements, the highly flexible frame offers a wide range of applications – with a variety of frame designs and combinations. It benefits from being extremely stable and easy to assemble. T-Platform workstations offer a wide range of combinations allowing it to accommodate organisational changes. Due to their systemic and modular design, as well as Bene's consistent colour and material concept, the T-Platform allows a wide range of office layouts with variable features: Frame variants O-leg, 4-leg, A-leg, T-leg, C-leg, slab-end, column leg and slope. Fixed height or height adjustable. Tabletop shapes and sizes Tabletop thickness and edge designs Fixed top – with or without cable flap – or sliding top. Integrated plug boxes. Cable outlet Table panels and organisation elements.

"Interior design is our product" With this idea in mind, Bene is a powerful force in shaping office trends.