T-Meeting | Stand Up Table by Bene

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Bene T-Meeting | Stand Up Table Bene T-Meeting | Stand Up Table Bene T-Meeting | Stand Up Table

Meeting tables for short meetings while standing. The design is striking, minimalist and exclusive – fashioned to that of the T-platform desks. The T-Meeting meeting tables come in various sizes, frame and tabletop shapes, colours and materials. They can be used in all office zones and areas where communication is desired: at the workstation, in meeting places, in lounge areas, recreational and central areas, or in the cafeteria. Frame versions: one or two columns round or square base plate(s) Optionally mounted on a cabinet (with skids) Seven different tabletop shapes are available: square, rectangular, round, oval, boat-shaped, 8-shape, box Storage surface below the tabletop comes in various dimensions Can be customised with a variety of colours and materials It can also be combined with stools for alternating standing and sitting

"Interior design is our product" With this idea in mind, Bene is a powerful force in shaping office trends.