1.655 x 1.655 x 115 mm 8 pcs profiles 710 mm each Aluminium white powder coated incl. dimmable power supply converter 24 V LED > 90 CRI/Ra, > 50.000 Std./hrs., EEK A+

Breakers, surfers, surfboards and summer sun were the inspiration for the unique design of the SURFIN’ family of luminaires. Designed to install with separate or integrated power supply, SURFIN’ meets all requirements with effortless ease and elegance. SURFIN’ achieves indirect LED lighting of the best kind: bright, glare free, and available at different colour temperatures to suit individual architectural requirements.

Die Reduktion der Form auf das Wesentliche, auf die elementarste Geometrie, die Linie, ist die Gestaltungsgrundlage von millelumen.