Sunshade autoscope by Conmoto

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Open up and wind down. SUNSHADE autoscope combines shape and function to create pure sophistication. Its aesthetics radiate a feeling of calm which is undisturbed thanks to the innovative mechanics. The special gas piston lifting system ensures completely reliably opening and closing. This means that the sunshade can be easily and effort- lessly operated over conventional table heights and without the need for reorganisation. The SUNSHADE autoscope is an eye-catching addition to balconies, patios and gardens in whatever dimensions and fabrics you choose. It is thus the perfect complement to the high-quality conmoto garden furniture range. The different parasol bases and ground anchors reliably provide the required stability. quadratisch / square H 274 | B 300 | T 300 GS AS 300 S08 weiß / white GS AS 300 S09 taupe / taupe Abdeckhaube Protective cover: GS HA 301 T05 rechteckig / rectangular H 267 | B 245 | T 365 GS AS 245 S08 weiß / white GS AS 245 S09 taupe / taupe Abdeckhaube Protective cover: GS HA 245 T05 Standfuß / foot: GS AS 000 SF Auto-Loc-Lift marine cam pully lift Strut joints connectors: aluminium

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