Width 54.5 cm
Depth 54.5 cm
Height 49.5 cm


Castor colour Black
Foam material Moulded CMHR PU Foam
Frame material Steel Rod
Upholstery Blazer CUZ02 Aston


3D model (.zip)

Designed to work together in small clusters, or as part of larger configurations in combination with Away from the Desk, Skomer, Ramsey and Sully have a fresh and contemporary aesthetic, offering choice, comfort and adaptability for a variety of work scenarios.

Like Ramsey and Skomer, Sully offers a refined level of comfort and support. A small tub chair with the mobility of a traditional light meeting chair, Sully’s moulded PU foam seat and backrest elements deliver crisp upholstery with the resilience to deal with high-churn environments.

Orangebox was born in the summer of 2002. To be successful in a market saturated with great companies – some local, some global – we knew we needed a compelling point of difference. We found it in a powerful innovation focus.