Suki Armchair

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As a master in architecture, the japanese ito has proposed few but extraordinary design works.

Suki armchair, designed in 1987, is one of them: an object made mysterious by the use of a double steel mesh row intersected by many springs. this is an ideological “manifesto” but, unpredictably comfortable.

Indoor use only.

Toyo Ito

Toyo Ito, born in 1941, graduated in architecture in Tokyo in 1965. After working with kikutake kiyonori, started his self-employment in 1971, focusing mainly on residential construction. Since 1990 he has participated in several major international competitions, including those for the extension of the Moma in New York and for the realization of the center for the arts and the contemporary architecture in Rome. Teacher at several universities in Europe, Japan and the united states, Ito has participated in several international exhibitions and has carried out important buildings including the "tower of the winds" in Yokohama (1986), the museum of yatsushiro (1991), the "t" hall in taishi (1999) and "o dome" in odate (1997). The artist's poetic research the lightness and the first example is the aluminum house fujisawashi, kanagawa (1970-71), then material also used for home Sakurajosui, Tokyo (1997-2000); a confirmation is thirty years later by polimaterica coverage of oita agricultural park (2001). following this line of research, the works of ito end to enhance the optical qualities of materials and, at the same time, to resort to increasingly free forms. the plants of its projects tend to take sinuous configurations while upholstery prefer complex curves and enveloping configurations.

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