Width 46 cm
Height 133 cm
Gross weight 23 kg
Net weight 16.7 kg
Shelf height 46 cm


Colour Matt Chocolate Lacquer
Diffuser material Polycarbonate
Shelf material Aluminum
Vertical tube material Steel


Colour rendering index 80
Colour temperature 2700 k
Coordination system CG
Dimmable Push
Driver included Constant Current / Constant Voltage350mA.24V. 220-240V.50Hz.
Light source 8 x LED STRIP 24V 1,63W


The Suite floor lamps are a creation of designers Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal. The Suite floor lamps combine two functions in one single piece: light fitting and item of furniture.

A storage module with different shelves organised vertically at different levels and orientated in different directions. This floor lamp, available in two sizes, is an ideal auxiliary table or shelf with table lamp for either end of a sofa. The light source is provided by a LED which is hidden beneath the shelving offering several lighting variations: general ambient provided by a luminous element and a reading light

Glass diffuser mounted on shelf with dimmable light.
USBcharging connection

Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal

In recent years designers Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal have joined forces to generate creative new ideas that are expressed through various lighting collections such as Halley, Match, Meridian and Suite for Vibia. All of these products bring added value to the functional aspect of lighting. Halley the outdoor lights, for example allow for easy movement and assembly for exterior lighting, perfect for spaces and areas which are under continual transformation. The hanging lamp Match has revolutionised the system of combining light fittings by allowing the user to create a design from scratch tailored to the particular requirements of each space. The Meridiano outdoor lamps and indoors Suite lamps fuse furniture and lighting in a single piece of design.

Light creates, renders and gives life. Through light we perceive the landscape, architecture and the spaces we inhabit, stimulating our senses and perceptions. Each of us possesses a unique identity, a personal point of view and a subjective way of perceiving reality.