Estructura solid surface. Lamp not included/With dimmer L 20 cm x H 30 cm Top: L 13 cm

Traditional tailoring and craftsmanship have inspired Oriol Llahona to create the lamp Suit for Alma Light. Its streamlined and opening shape recalls the flaps of a suit jacket adapting to the body of the inner light. An upper and lower direct light and another light filtered by the body of the lamp. This collection has been made of Solid Surface, a material completely new for lighting applications, developed by Alma Light in its eagerness for getting materials to provide novelty in accordance with the market dynamics. The lamp is made as a good tailored handmade suit and each piece can be considered as unique. In its table and floor version and in 2 delicate translucent finishes (white and smoke) the lamp Suit fits and gives personality to any atmosphere, with the particularity of changing its aesthetic appearance when being turned on or off. It can also be customized and ordered in any RAL color, in translucent or opaque finishes. Oriol Llahona said "Both Alma Light and I feel like investigating in each lamp we make. The lamp Suit has been a real challenge: the new material and its characteristic shape led us to almost a year of work for its development. The result is magnificent' One of the greatest novelty in this product is the development and implementation of a new material that had never been used this way in lighting before. This is Solid Surface. This material, that was developed some years ago by the French company Dupont under the trademark CORIAN, has been until now marketed in form of panels with different sizes and thicknesses that are processed by cutting, screwing and changing their shape thermoforming them. These boards, which used to be opaque, have been widely used in kitchens for countertops and in bathrooms for sinks, baths and showers. We managed to work this material using molds, so it can adopt any shape and we also managed to make it translucent, without the material losing its qualities. The most important are its visual appearance and to the touch, it is similar to a highly polished natural stone, with a silky, velvety, very warm touch. Then its resistance to scratches and wear. This material can be easily pigmented so we can make customized pieces for customers in both versions, the translucent and the opaque ones. Maintenance of this material is very simple. It can be cleaned using any household cleaner (glass cleaner, alcohol ...) if, after years the material loses clarity, we recommend going over it with a very fine sandpaper to restore it to its original condition. This way, the material does not age, being as perfect as on the first day.

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