Sugar Net 668a by Quinti Sedute
Quinti Sedute

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Quinti Sedute Sugar Net 668a Quinti Sedute Sugar Net 668

Essential design but strict in order to realize a dynamic and inspired office. The only one height backrest is realized in Goal mesh available in 7 different colors and is equipped with a lumbar support. Thanks to the mesh features, the back is enveloping, comfortable and breathable ensuring an high comfort for all the operators. The refined headrest changes the seat into a simple and incisive way giving executive features and high standard qualities. The seat is made of upholstered polyurethane foam while the mesh back in 7 colours, can be equipped with or withour headrest. Sugar Net is equipped with a Synchronized mechanism. The armrests can be fix or height adjustable. 2015 Sugar Net collection now features the all new White version. With armrests, cover and backseats finished in white, Sugar Net becomes even more versatile and adaptable. The mesh makes the chair extremely comfortable and is available in nine different finishes, offering a wide range of personalization.

Here, traditions, art, hospitality and the way of life itself are the result of the hard work of its people.