Su Bar Stool

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    With the invisible values of design, engineering and strength, the Emeco SU Collection follows the Japanese aesthetic of ‘su‘ — meaning plain or unadorned — the idea that simplicity is not only modest, but could possibly be more appealing than luxury.


    “Gregg Buchbinder, Emeco’s CEO contacted us when he saw a photo of the Starbucks pop-up store in Tokyo we designed in 2012. We placed several white 111 Navy Chairs in the space, and we were happy about the fact Gregg liked the way we used them. The Emeco Navy Chair is 'the chair', and has always been inspiring many architects and designers around the world including ourselves. It is amazing that the chair has such a strong character, yet blends into so many different spaces. We are proud to present a stool - "Su", which is strongly linked with the Navy Chair. It is for us, definitely 'the stool'.” -Oki Sato, Nendo

    The Su Collection has “Emeco bones” - the iconic seat of Emeco chairs made since 1944. It also features the use of new, surprising eco-conscious materials, discovered through ongoing exploration of eco-conscious resources, such as eco-concrete and reclaimed barn wood.

    “It was rewarding to work with Nendo - a designer who has a philosophy of stripping things down, eliminating excess, and finding the beauty in simplicity. This strong tradition found in Japan fits both the past and the future of Emeco.” -Gregg Buchbinder, Emeco

    We make chairs. In America. Often by hand. Mostly from recycled stuff. But always to last.